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I'm UmaSofia Srivastava, but you my wonderful fans, have the privilege of calling me Uma (hold the applause!). Welcome to Fan Behavior, where I talk about literally every thought that ever runs through my head. Like ever.

This blog is 2 ½ years old to be precise, but for my long time fans, you might have noticed this blog went through a littleee bit of construction... ok maybe a lot a bit. WE WERE ON A BREAK! Fine, guilty as charged for taking a very long hiatus, but I promise that for half the time I spent binging my fav shows (insert future blog post here… coming soon!), I also came up with a TON of ideas. And I mean 50+ of my genius sarcastic quotes which my focus group, aka absolute saint of a dad sat through, but I mean how could he ever get bored of, well, me?

Like I mentioned before, this blog is almost an exact replica of my ‘mind-palace’ meaning I’ll definitely be talking about my experiences - negative and positive- as well as the mindset that helped me survive as a somewhat melodramatic teen girl (yes I’m not ashamed to admit it). You can definitely expect for me to give my strong opinions on feminism, politics, etc. as well as tons of really random stuff too: my ___ recs, days in the life of yours truly, short stories, music, poetry, and my very own advice column! *whew* I'm out of breath, but I don’t want to surprise you too much. Emphasis on too. TLDR; I like to think that my blog is basically Carrie Bradshaw and Rory Gilmore’s love child.

SOOO thank you for listening to my rant, and get ready for more to come soon!

What are you still doing here...? *rolls eyes* get out of my room!


UmaSofia <3


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